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Built on Rock ! Exploring Answers to Questions about Life, The Universe & Everything
Why is all this so important?

So many of the things we believe or are taught are rather “Built on Sand” rather than any real fact or evidence.

Yet we accept and believe them as fact!

We are being made to believe things which are not really true.

It is important to engage and explore some of the Big Questions to gain a clearer view on what we should believe which can help your whole outlook on Life, The Universe and Everything!

When you find out just how much scientific research, ties the theories we accept as fact into knots, and how much the science is proving that there is more evidence for a creator, than anything which could come about by a series of random processes.

Looks Beautiful But is it only Built on Sand? “So much of what we are taught is simply not true” What is the Problem? Why does this matter?

The real truth is that God’s Word is true, Science and History does not disprove it but only affirms it, and is actually faith enhancing and liberating.

When the real truth is so wonderful - Why would you want to believe anything else?

The intention of these thoughts and ideas is to remove some of the blindness which the world and our education leaves us with and bring some light and truth into many of these often difficult areas.

Man is trying to prove that God does not exist by trying to explain how this Universe and we came in to being. This has been done in such a convincing way the world accepts almost without question that we are descended from the apes, Evolution is true and the world was created by the Big Bang. Man is now so sophisticated, our existence can now be fully explained, so we no longer need to believe in God, to the point that teaching Creation in schools is often considered to be child abuse.

This level of indoctrination can cause some to leave the faith or prevent people coming to faith in the first place.

The really scary thing is that so many Bible colleges are teaching and churning out pastors and leaders who are also convinced that the early chapters of Genesis are myth, Adam didn’t exist, that creation is a process involving evolution, the big bang, days of long time periods and a whole mix of strange beliefs which rather bow to mans acquired scientific sophistication rather than being based on the truth of the Word of God.

The Truth

There is often a fear that if we look at some of these big questions, that in some way Science may prove our faith, the Bible or God to be wrong, or to some degree lessen our faith. Actually the more you look at these questions and subjects you start to realise the real truth just confirms what God and the Bible says.

The world, the media, some scientists, your education, the TV, the natural history programmes etc convince us that things like Evolution is how we came in to being, Creation is a myth and Man never seeing the Dinosaurs is true fact. When you look at the truth, Evolution is one of the biggest deceptions of our time which anyone can see there is no evidence to substantiate it. Creation we know is true and there is just so much evidence that man did walk with Dinosaurs.

Do you know what you believe? The Bible tells us to always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have… 1 Pet 3 v 15

When faced with some of the more difficult questions it becomes very important to have some clear answers to the things we believe and why we believe them.