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Built on Rock ! Exploring Answers to Questions about Life, The Universe & Everything
About Built on Rock

The Built on Rock Project is the beginning of a series of websites aimed at exploring the answers to many of the Big Questions about Life, The Universe and just about Everything else including Creation, God and Evolution. Each subject is tackled as a separate issue and is not necessarily connected to a previous or adjacent article. The objective of these websites is to refute evolutionary theory wherever it conflicts with biblical creation accounts. And that takes us into many different areas: from Big Bang Theory / Molecular Biology / Genetics / Palaeontology / Mathematics / Geology / History  etc.

Many of the subjects covered conflict with the accepted world-view taught by our educators, scientists and philosophers. Mainstream Science as presented on the media, which is the main source of knowledge for the general public, has become dominated by Darwin's Theory of Evolution. We are not anti-science but do believe evolutionary theory flawed and has dragged scientific explanations towards science fiction.

Throughout the media and in most educational establishments only one version is permitted: the one which rules out God as Creator. Consequently there is only the one evolutionary option presented as a solution to questions of creation and nature. And that option, the Theory of Evolution is for the most part left uncontested. It stands as a fact of science. This theory however is much less scientifically based  than you may realise. There are gaping holes in Darwinian evolutionary explanations and most of them are, when examined, seen to be entirely devoid of evidence. The chances of presenting any counter arguments in the officially sponsored media, or to our children in schools and colleges, are at the current time virtually nil. Education is supposed to encourage debate and welcome counter arguments to the established consensus. Science would never have progressed as it has if prohibitions on alternative theories had been imposed by the ruling clique.

But as it stands at present evolution is the only scientific theory not open to serious counter argument. Statements without substance are promoted to the status of fact on the basis that evolutionary theory has been proved. Is this accusation justified? Yes it is! Until very recently evolutionists explained “Junk Dna” (98% of our genome) as the predicted genetic rubbish left over from millions of years of evolution from some ape-like ancestors. The Human Genome project headed up by Francis Collins concluded that this was an expected result. Now it is known from a subsequent project called Encode that DNA is much more complex than expected; using more than one coded language and that it functions through information bearing networks of mind boggling complexity. Scientists now believe that the so called Junk DNA is largely, if not fully functional. Science is facing a baffling array of new problems. Junk DNA as an expression has all but vanished from scientific literature. A new world of master genes, genetic switches and much more is emerging. And all this has happened over just a decade. It represents a total reversal of the idea that genetic junk from our evolutionary past exists within our human genomes. Please remember that according to evolutionary theory life began without plan or purpose, things just came together in a pre-biotic soup and in some way organised themselves into the first functioning biological unit. This is not science as it was once known. It is in fact the inevitable result of removing a creative intelligence from the world of rational explanations?

This is both a personal profile and an explanation of who created the Built on Rock website and why it was done.

I am the artist and my art career began in London, working as a junior in an art studio / advertising agency. I had been trained at Epsom Art School where I met my wife Jennie. After about four years I left the agency and went freelance as an illustrator working from home. I had an agent in London who supplied me sporadically with just enough  work over twenty years to support our growing family. We topped out at six children, proving that rumours about artists are not all that far off the mark. This work eventually dried up and I had to think about what I could do by way of a job. Over the decades I had grown to hate artwork and cursed it for being an insecure and lousy job. So God took me out of my comfortable existence and dumped me into the real world: and I became a postman. This did did me a lot of good in almost every way imaginable, because I could not hide from the world any longer. But it did not solve all my problems.

Chris Higham Paul Kyme

I have long been amazed at how so many Christians believe, as they should, so much mind boggling stuff as the virgin birth, the resurrection, the second coming, the dead will all be raised and transformed in a twinkling of an eye and yet when it comes to creation and the early parts of Genesis they cannot believe it. The Big Bang, Evolution and other explanations offered by science and the media are believed to the point that they would rather believe man’s version of how everything came into being rather the the Word of God. Both Christians and Non-Christians seem to happily accept that all life came about in the way it is proclaimed by every natural history programme, and that these theories are accepted as fact. Often there is no attempt to explore, that maybe, there is little or no sense or real evidence at all to these “facts” which we are taught - they are just blindly accepted and assumed to be true.

My hope would be that by presenting a little information, in a fairly simple way, to show that Science along with a little rational common sense is actually proving that the biblical accounts are true. When you start to examine and engage with the science for yourself it starts to remove the veil which our education and the media and the spirit of this age surrounds us with. Hopefully our “eyes” can be opened to see that we do not need to run from these areas, or be embarrassed over the Biblical explanations any more. In fact, when you start to believe that God made all of creation in the way He said He did, and even science backs this up, you can then start to realise that the early part of Genesis isn’t some sort of Santa Claus story, which one day “Father” will explain the real truth to us. The truth has already been given to us and the knowledge of this can be life-changing, liberating and faith-enhancing.

I had been a Christian of sorts throughout all this period. One evening a visiting preacher came to our Church. She spoke in a way that really got through to me, which was a bit of a miracle because I was very depressed and thinking of leaving the Church. I asked her for prayer, the most sensible thing I had done for a long time, and she told me I would do prophetic art for the Lord. What you see here  is a selection of the Christian Artwork that the Lord gave me to do. Jesus gave me back the gift I had cursed.

This fulfilled for me these words of scripture from Romans 11 v 29 "for God's gifts and his call are irrevocable."

I owe my God everything. Not least for what I believe to be a call to add my voice to the comparatively few willing to speak out and confront the arguments that cause many good Christians to turn away from the Genesis scriptures; the reason being that they conflict with the philosophy underpinning modern science. This has ruled that only one explanation for creation is factual and acceptable: and that is evolutionary theory. Supernatural acts of creation have no place in a world of evolutionary explanations.

The Built on Rock website is the result of having met and become a close friend of Paul. Without his enthusiasm, generosity, input, skill, commitment and faith this website would never had existed. Together, with the support of our wives, we have found sufficient resources to accomplish the website we hope you will take a look at. We both hope you will be blessed, enlightened and informed by what is set before you.