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Intelligent Design or Common Ancestor?

All that is known about the origins of life at its lowest levels is that it is almost incomprehensibly complex and at conception had a genetic toolkit capable of constructing every type of fish, animal and bird known to science. That means it must have had precognition: paranormal predictive abilities and second sight.

Were all life forms designed or did they come about by random processes?

“One of the most amazing discoveries in the last couple of decades has been the Hox genes. They’re a bit like lighting engineers at a concert; they control when and where a light goes on, how strongly and for how long it is switched on. Hox genes are a group of regulatory genes that control the timing and route of development.

"As an embryo develops, certain genes need to be activated in order for the traits carried on in that gene to be expressed. Most of the time, there are biological clues for these genes to turn on based on the age of the embryo. Sometimes, environmental conditions can trigger the expression of the developmental genes as well. Not only do these "triggers" turn on the gene, they also direct the gene on how to be expressed. There are subtle differences between the arms of different animals that are determined by how the genes that carry the trait for limb development are expressed. The same gene that creates a human arm can also create a sparrow's wing or a grasshopper's leg. They are not different genes, as previously thought by scientists. What does this mean for the Theory of Evolution? First and foremost, it lends credibility to the idea that all life on Earth came from a common ancestor."

Quote from Cliff Tabin who is a developmental and evolutionary biologist at Harvard Medical School.

Evolution as Tabin describes it lays claim to every biological miracle described above without ever considering the blindingly obvious; which is that they are looking at processes so deep and intricate that not one of them can be replicated by modern science. If this is so, which it is, then what kind of mind will conclude it came from a mindless process? A mind that will look at something finely engineered, and then claim it for a force (evolution) which has no thought or plan or motive or organising capacity?

What about a different kind of common ancestor? A genius able to combine elements of quantum mechanics and biological nanotechnology in a way so profound that modern science cannot even fully follow the processes involved.

Here is a funny story about design to read that says a little more on the subject. This one is on our Richard Dawkins appreciation site:-

Please Sir


Intrigued to know more? In a  Nutshell
The more we discover how complex life is the more designed it appears to be

Life even in the simple form of a single cell is outrageously complex. We are taught to believe that all life came from some primordial soup, a mashing together of atoms to randomly produce more and more complex cells and life forms.

The video below shows some of the inner workings of a single cell. After watching this video ask yourself how could even a single cell come about by a random process of atoms mashing together even given millions of years?

Surely this was designed?