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Do you think of yourself as having a sponge or a sea squirt, or some form of bacterial life as your most distant ancestors, or believe that your family tree sprung from an acorn?

The Family Album should lay out our family tree from sponge, to fish, to amphibian, to small rodent to lemur to chimp, to hominid, (apeman ) and on to you and I. That is of course if we accept the Darwinian explanation of how all living creatures came into being.

Family Album Is this really how it began?

When you examine the origins of anything organic you find that it is anything but simple but indescribably complex.

You can read more in the article:

Why is nothing simple?

Intrigued to know more? In a  Nutshell

If we believe Darwin’s Theory of Evolution then we are essentially of no great significance. Just a random accident of an uncaring natural process that did not have us or anything else in mind. How do we then explain all of the things that make life seem special to us human beings. Why are we attracted to a beautiful sunset, or if we are a physicist, find beauty in a mathematical equation? Why would a stranger go out of his or her way to help someone they do not know, even to the point of risking the sacrifice of their own life, and maybe by association their own children? Belief in an afterlife is another difficulty. In fact most things distinctly human defy finding how or why they arose from or through the largely instinct driven animal kingdom.

In science it is important to make accurate predictions. As Darwin and his Theory of Evolution have failed to fulfil reasonable expectations in many of the most foundational areas of enquiry, shouldn't this cause us to question where did all life truly come from?

None of the above create any kind of problem to a believer in a Creator God! In fact these uniquely human attributes could be predicted if we are, as the scriptures lead us to believe, very special and made very different to the rest of natures's kingdoms.

Are we really the result of some random accidental process?